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Make Money Blogging with Hubpages
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Do you want to start making money blogging online without building a website or even having any experience, but with the support of an established successful site? In this article, I will explain how you can make money blogging with HubPages.  We will learn what HubPages is, how it works, and how you can start earning a passive income creating content about almost anything. If you are a beginner, HubPages is a perfect starting point in learning how to make money blogging.

What is HubPages and How Will it Help me Make Money Blogging?

Put simply HubPages is an online blogging community in which the users of the site create the site’s content. Content created by a user, or Hubber, is called a Hub. HubPages places ads within each Hub. Those ads generate revenue for you and HubPages. Ads that HubPages earns revenue from are displayed 40% of the time. Ads that make the Hubber money are shown the other 60% of the time. So you make money blogging by creating content on the HubPages platform. You don’t have to worry about managing your own website or blog. HubPages also gives its users tremendous support and the backing of a reputable website to help you gain traffic to your content. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

The HubPages community is a tight-knit group. I recommend participating on the forum and utilizing the helpful Hubbers. When you become more knowledgeable then share the wealth a little.

There is also this thing called a HubScore. It is a numerical ranking for your article given by HubPages that ranges from 0-100. The HubScore does not indicate whether or not you will make money with your Hub. I have had a few a Hubs with 60s and 70s and they did better than many of my better scoring articles.

I Can Make Money Blogging on HubPages, but How Much?

You’re not going to become insanely rich publishing content on HubPages, but there is potential to build a mostly steady stream of passive income. There are Hubbers who make over $3000 a month blogging on HubPages. Most don’t even hit the payment threshold of $50 a month. HubPages has a policy against sharing how much money a person makes exactly, so it hard to get an exact number for other Hubber. Personally, I am able to buy a new video game and pay for Netflix every month on what I make from 1 Hub. Truth be told, it’s the only Hub I have published at the moment. I had a few others but decided to take them down and revamp them a little. For having only one published article I’m making good money blogging on HubPages.

Most Hubber I have spoken with earn much less per Hub. I would say 10 to 50 cents a day for a decent Hub. Let’s say you set a goal to make an extra $1000 a month on HubPages. There are about 30 days in a month. So you would need to make roughly 34 dollars per day (1000÷30).  You could go about this by creating 34 hubs that each would make $1 a day. You could also create 340 hubs that each earns 10 cents a day. You could end up with a combination of both. The key at this point is to just get started and you will make money blogging on HubPages.

What Do I Need to Make Money Blogging with HubPages

The first thing you need is access to a computer or smart device…seems like you may already have that. Next, you will need basic computer skills. If you browse the web or use Facebook then your skills are sufficient. You will also require an ad placement service account. There are two services that HubPages offers; Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates. It is a good idea to create some content on HubPages before trying to get approved for any ad services. Create at least 1 well-developed Hubs and then apply. I would start with AdSense first. So for the purpose of this article, we will not talk about Amazon, but I will say that using Amazon Affiliates in your blog can make money. Learn more about Google Adsense and Making Money Online.

Starting Make Money Blogging With HubPages Quick Start Guide

  1. Sign up at HubPages.
  2. Write your first article and publish it as a Hub.
  3. Apply for an AdSense account. This is not instant and may take up to a week.
  4. Once AdSense approved, take your AdSense Publisher ID and apply it to your HubPages Account.
  5. You are set up to start earning revenue from ads placed on your content. The great thing is you don’t have to do the work placing the ads.
  6. Create More Content

Sign Up to Make Money Blogging at HubPages

The sign-up process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here are some recommendations for signing up for HubPages.

  • Create a login name that relates to your primary content. If you are primarily going to write about mountain-biking your name could be CliffCycler.
  • Create a profile. HubPages will require you to use either your real name or a real sounding pen name.
  • Connect you HubPages account to social media suck as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • If you have a website, provide the link to it on your profile page so you can make money blogging on your own site too.
  • Create a custom background art created for your profile.

Create Your First Hub

Like I mentioned before, you should have some content created before applying for AdSense. So you will have to be diligent and patient. Depending on your writing or video skills and your time, it may take you a day or a month to create a Hub. Stick with it.

You can pretty much create a Hub about anything. Your Hub could your famous fried chicken recipe or a video tutorial on how to hula dance. My first Hub was a list of free to play computer games. One of my published Hubs, “How to Transfer Money From a Credit Card to a Bank Account”, came from a personal experience I had, and it has made me a good bit of money.

HubPages does give you some recommendations inside of its publishing platform to help you develop successful content.

  • Your Hubs word count should be no less than 1250 words.
  • You should try and write evergreen content.
  • Include at least 3 quality images that add value to your content.
  • Include descriptive search friendly captions to all of your images.
  • Include 2 or more engaging or interactive elements such as polls, charts or graphs, or even video. HubPages surprisingly easy to add these little touches.

Tips on Getting Approved for an AdSense Account

  • Create quality content that is reader focused.
  • Write more than just one article.
  • Don’t link to any spam type content within your article. HubPages won’t allow this either.
  • Write unique content. It’s hard to find something brand new to the internet, but do your best to stand out and be different…within HubPages and AdSense policy of course.

Your AdSense is Approved and Ready to Start Monetizing Your Content.

So now that you have been accepted by AdSense you must link your AdSense account to you HubPages account. Follow these final steps to make money blogging on HubPages.

  1. Log into to your AdSense account to retrieve you AdSense Publisher ID. Your publisher ID can be found by clicking the hamburger button on the top left of the screen. Then navigate to “My Account” and click on “Account Information.”
  2. Log into you HubPages account and apply you AdSense Publisher ID to your HubPages account. Go to “My Account” the click on “Earnings.” Next, go to “Settings” and scroll down the page to find the “External Affiliate Settings” box. Click the “Configure” button and put in your AdSense Publisher ID. Press the “Submit” button and now you are officially making money blogging with HubPages.

Basic Tips to Help You Make Even More Money Blogging with HubPages.

  • Try and write consistently. I have trouble with this, but writers that I know who do this have the greatest success.
  • Writing what you know is usually the way to go, but you can always research and learn new things to write about.
  • Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 99% of my traffic comes straight from Google.

SEO is a must if you seriously want to make money blogging. Below is a screenshot of a Google search for the Kew phase “How to transfer money from a credit card to a bank account”

SEO is Important if You Truly Want to Make Money Blogging
SEO is One Key to Make Money Blogging

As you can see from the screenshot above. My Hub is in the preview box and top search spot under the paid ads. This brings me about one thousand page views a day.

  • Try to articles that all fit within the same category. So if you write a Hub about training German Sheppard’s, you may want to review a dog product in your next Hub.
  • Never click your own links. AdSense will not hesitate to give you the boot if you violate their policies.
  • Get to know all of HubPages’ and Google’s policies.
  • Create engaging content that elicits questions and comments.
  • Reply to appropriate comments and question; get rid of the junk and spam. If it doesn’t add value then it should get rejected.
  • Be willing to get better and put in the time. The biggest mistake I made was giving up a few years back. Good things come to those who work for them when I could have been making money blogging.

I also want to mention the HubPages Earnings Program. It’s a way to get earnings from many sources in one place. I have personally used the program since I signed up. Is the HubPages Earnings Program better than using AdSense alone? You still have to have an AdSense account to use the Hubpages Earning Program. Basically, HubPages is paying you for your AdSense and Amazon Affiliate earnings.

Why You May Not Want to Make Money Blogging with Hubpages and Start Your Own Blog Instead

Hubpages has its perks, but it also comes with some pretty substantial drawbacks.

  • There are policies that you have to follow or you may loose your account. If your articles were generating traffic and revenue then it’s all instantly gone. I suggest backing up all of your articles, but it may be difficult to gain your traffic back.
  • You are giving away 40% percent of your ad space/earnings potential. Also, who knows how Hubpages is making that 60/40 split. Maybe they are showing their ads during the most profitable times.
  • You will have little control over the way your articles look. There are not many customizability options.
  • Your success is in some part in Hubpages’ hands. It’s up to them if your Hub is even featured.
  • All the hard work doing keyword research, writing, and marketing your work is essentially helping out Hubpages more than you. If it was your site you could reap more rewards.
  • Hubpages only offers a couple of avenues to earn money online. With your own blog, you could make money with email marketing, pay per click, affiliate marketing, selling your own products or a host of other ways.
  • Hubpages may not be there tomorrow. A few years ago a similar website, Squidoo, was sold. All of its members and their content was then placed under the scrutiny of the buyer. Many Squidoo writers were banned and their content unpublished, thus cutting off revenue for the writers. Who was the company who bought Squidoo out you say? Well it was Hubpages and don’t think it couldn’t happen again.

I hope you found this article helpful and Sign up for HubPages to make money blogging. Please let me know of anything else I can help you with. Check back soon for more post on making and saving money. Now go get to work and start earning a passive income online.

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