My extra income report for January 2018

I’ve always had ways of making extra money, but I never really had a goal or reason to increase the amount I made. Now my wife and I each have student loans to pay off on top of all the normal bills that come with life. Well, I have came to the conclusion that I need to increase the amount of extra income that I make each month.

One way to hold myself accountable and motivate myself to improve each month I thought it might be a good idea to share my earnings with you. So here goes my first extra income report for January 2018.

Amazon Seller = $72.13

Google Adsense = $38.39

Grand Total = $110.52

So I only made $110.52 extra in the month of January 2018…not too impressive. I am going to attempt to improve that to $120.00 for the month of Febuary and I will share my earning just like in another report.

Thanks for reading and I hope you reach your goals.

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